About Marefi

One-stop shop for an array of services including sound financial education, debt intervention, debt counselling, and business consulting.

Marefi, inspired by positive human attributes which emanate from family values that are centred around the core practice of 'looking out for one another',this serves as motivation for potential clients to recognise and remember that help is just a phone call away should they find themselves in dire straits and require financial advice or should they need to make important financial decisions

Our purpose as Marefi Consulting's is to empower and educate consumers on :

  • Make sound financial decisions and live comfortably within their means
  • Exercise their consumer rights within the credit market
  • Minimize their debt and maximize their income
  • Manage their debt responsibly
  • Embrace the possibility of saving and investing
  • Start-up
  • PR and Marketing
  • Support, coaching and Mentorship
  • Fleet sourcing


To be the leading provider of tailor-made financial health solutions which are designed to assist consumers and business alike to unleash their financial health potential, make Informed financial decisions in order to avoid being over-indebted or debt trapped, nurture a clean bill of financial health.

  • Equip individuals with skills for financial health
  • Provide consumer education on credit matters
  • Give support towards debt rehabilitation and financial wellness
  • Assist businesses to reach their profit margins
  • Avoid employee loss through resignations debts
  • Increase employee production output (relief from financial stress means a happy employee at work and at home).
  • Continously provide value adding mediation and dispute resolution
  • Results driven and achievement orientated
  • High level performance and professionalism
  • Resourceful and innovative
  • Ensuring consumer satisfaction and excellence
  • Passionate and caring
  • Restore human dignity
  • Integrity


Ensuring consumer satisfaction and excellence.
Passionate and caring.

Marefi Services

Consumer Services

Personal financial advice e.g. goods and services, vehicle and asset finance, mortgage bonds, warranties affordability assessment, garnishee order and admin order audit,credit bureau profile interpretations, stokvels and burial societies e.g. how to resolve disputes Maximizing your income, rescission of judgments on outstanding debts with consent from the credit providers. Debt review, ongoing support,coaching and mentoring , vehicle sourcing

Business Services

Fleet sourcing, Provide employee financial wellness,Workshops, and face to face interventions, Minimize employee absenteeism, fraud and theft, Staff retention strategy, Endorse consumer products, HR Personnel garnishee order training and support

Employee Wellness

Services include presentations and Exhibitions,face to face consultations, interventions, Information Dissemination, payment arrangements,admin orders, garnishee orders,to assist and remove clients from ITC (blacklisting) with consent from credit providers, personal financial advice.

Media & Communication

Research and production - case studies for magazines, radio and TV Programmes e.g. Lesedi FM; Yilungelo Lakho; In Debt Season 1 and 2; Radio Pulpit on DSTV; Voice of the Cape Radio,Radio Pulpit AM657 .

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